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Company culture Vision : Our passion for the sport to make the world more peaceful; Attitude: Impossible is nothing Impossible is Nothing; adidas is all in all out effort;. Mission: To be the world's leading sports brand; Brand core values: honest, responsible and trustworthy, inspiring; development of innovative, sincere and frank, rich experience. Greater principle: Lead (active), Tell the Truth (real honest), Be Accountable (responsibility), Simplify (concise), Work Together (together), Have Fun (fun). Organizational goals Our aims to become the sporting goods sports enthusiasm and a global leader in lifestyle sports brand industry. Adidas is committed to continue to strengthen our brands and products to improve our competitive position. Leaders Adidas innovation and design of all athletes want to play the highest level of activity levels, to bring to market the best performance. Adidas get consumer attention, thus resulting in the continuous improvement of the image matching quality, look, feel, and our products and organizational structures and exceed consumer expectations and to provide them the highest value. Adidas is a global organization, it is socially and environmentally responsible, is a creative and diversity owner. Adidas is committed to continuously improve the excellent financial performance. The ultimate goal of the organization is to lead to the establishment of sports passion and sports lifestyle brand sporting goods industry, anticipate and meet consumer and customer needs, and constantly strive to create a culture of innovation, challenge themselves, to break the routine, to embrace change. By using this culture, the boundaries of products, services and processes push us to strengthen our competitiveness and maximize the Group's operations. We committed to meeting the needs of all our customers and consumers, ensure the availability of the correct size and color of the product, improve the technological level of innovation, the product of high-end fashion, high quality standards.


- You will receive an email with the tracking number and tracking links.
- Check your e-mail box several times, we will send you emails about the order if necessary
- The shipping is free unless otherwise noted.
- Never accept COD (cash on delivery).
- Any questions, please email us in time.


- Problem: you do not accept refund?
- Answer: Some products may not be returned: packaging or damaged / lost product label.
- Problem: If I order, I have to pay customs duties?
- Under normal circumstances, you do not need to pay customs duties, but not absolute; We offer a delivery service door to door.